If you’re looking for a colourful, loud children’s entertainer who does ‘follow the white rabbit’ magic, makes model balloons and reads stories for your little child, then this is not the page for you. The Fusion Magician targets the market for older children from the age of 8 to 16. Every child who loves magic watches their hero TV magician Dynamo. His amazing magic has inspired many children to enter into the world of magic.

Hire a Magician
Hire a Magician

The Fusion Magician performs street magic that children see on TV. The magic performed is the serious stuff that kids love and the approach is quiet with a dark Harry Potter feel to it. The children will be shocked and watch for yourselves as their jaws drop with amazement so get your cameras ready to capture that magic moment. Fusion will take children on an interesting journey of extraordinary close up illusions and mind-reading, as they experience the world of the impossible. Also, the Fusion Magician will make the birthday boy’s or girl’s head shrink to the size of a tennis ball. Don’t worry, he or she will not feel a thing. It’s a great illusion for your child to experience. Joking apart, Pete Turner has had a few parents saying they wouldn’t mind if he did indeed shrink their child’s head and would pay him double if he did!

It is recommended to look upon smaller numbers, i.e. no more than 16 children. This amount allows the Fusion Magician to give every child a go by getting them involved in a piece of magic. The beauty of magic for older children is that parents as well as children will be amazed. No adult will be sitting back thinking this is silly. There are different packages to suit your budget.



One hour show plus the birthday child gets a free magic optical illusion book – £ 150


2 X 45 minute magic show with break in the middle for food and birthday cake. Plus birthday child gets a set of illusion books with over 300 optical illusions, worth £ 10. This package is the most popular with my clients – £ 175


This includes a 45 min magic show, followed by a break. After the break there is a Magic Workshop so the children can perform some simple but effective magic, followed by another magic show. The birthday child gets a set of optical illusions worth £ 10 plus every child gets an optical illusion book to take home and enjoy. This will save you messing around with goody bags for the children. – £ 200 – 16 max.


The bullet magician has done many packages for schools. Pete’s magic is suitable for children aged 7 upwards (not ideal for the tots aged under 6).


This is a great interactive magic show where the children get to experience the magic that is performed by their hero TV magician Dynamo.


Again the same show but to a wider audience. Pete tends to use the teachers for the bigger show and fewer children.


If you are struggling for ideas for activity workshops, Fusion can offer amazing packages where the children learn and become involved in magic. Pete will work with the teacher, looking for options that will suit their ideas on how the children would like to be educated in the art of magic. Magic is a great tool to build up confidence and self-esteem.


Believe it or not, magic can be a funny kind of education. The science of deception, perception and misdirection is an interesting and enjoyable science to learn. During the presentation, there will be interesting magical experiments that will amaze your young students. The presentations are light-hearted, fun, interesting and interactive.

You can mix and match any format to suit your day’s workshop.

These fees are available to the Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and Lancashire areas. There will be an additional fee to cover fuel costs depending on distances travelled outside the areas mentioned.

Please note – It is important to have at least one adult per 8 children present. Pete Turner holds a CBR Certificate and has a Teacher’s Certificate for workshops and children’s management.

Just to make it clear again, the magic material used in the Fusion Magician’s routines are designed to truly amaze the children but all of his material is safe and harmless and adapted for children aged 8 and over. This material is too strong for younger children who wouldn’t understand the concept. Therefore it is advisable not to have any young children present as they would simply be bored and restless.

Hire a Magician
Hire a Magician