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If you are looking for hire a magician then Pete Turner is a professional close up table magician covering the North West including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Cheshire, Lancashire and North West regions.

From close up magic tricks, to sleeveless magic, Pete can provide tricks with props as well as card magic so if you need a magician for your special event, wedding, christening, birthday party or corporate event then get in touch and kick start a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to check out his reviews .

Hiring magician Pete Turner

He has been a Professional Magician for over 25 years, so you could say he has priceless priceless experience to approach your event in a professional manner and perform top quality magic that will amaze your guests. Pete has been on the magic circuit for many years and in that time has become wise and knows how to approach people. You learn to ready each guest and you know to make them feel as ease as well as knowing how to handle and deliver banter in a fun and respectful way. Magician for hire Pete Turner

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And why would you not? Not only is close-up magic highly entertaining, it’s also a great way of helping guests to feel included. Not everyone finds mingling easy but once Magician Pete Turner has worked his magic, they’ll all have something to chat about. Plus, it’s fun seeing guests watching the magician’s every move, feeling sure they will discover how it’s all done. But the best magicians, like Pete Turner, never give anything away. And that’s what makes close-up magic all the more intriguing and fascinating! How do they do it!?

Corporate Magician Pete Turner
Wedding Magician Pete Turner
Event Magician Pete Turner

Pete the magician is better known as the Engineer of the impossible, defining logic, science and mathematics in a logical world. The magic he does will beat the sceptics and the non-believers which is adapted to suit your event. Magic is varied to close up illusions, classic card magic, mentalism and fun magical capers along with some natural humour of course :)

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Have a listen to the feedback for Cheshire magician Pete Turner who travels up and down the UK entertaining guests.

“Pete’s skills & professionalism really shone at our Wedding. He shows humour and charm in his delivery, making his magic more entertaining.”
“Pete Turner was great at our wedding. He took the pressure and the worry from us by looking after our guests with his amazing magic.”
LIZ & JOHN NEWTON, Macclesfield
“Pete did my daughter’s milestone birthday event proud; all my guests enjoyed his amazing magic.”
SHERRIE HEWSON, TV Personality/Loose Women
“Pete, you were awesome. You went above and beyond for us at our Wedding and all our guests were blown away.”
CHRIS HALL, (ITV Granada Reports Sports Presenter)