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Magician, Pete Turner

Pete Turner “aka Mister Ree” is a Professional Magician for Hire.
Providing a Magical entertainment experience for Weddings, Private Parties & Corporate Events.
Based in the North West and offer quality magic for guests.

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Pete Turner The People’s Magician

Top Quality Magic for all Occasions

Pete Turner has been performing top quality magic for almost two decades giving him priceless experience to approach your special occasion or event in a professional manor and do you proud. Pete delivers his magic with warm personality and natural humour, making his magic very entertaining. His sleeves are always up making Pete’s magic more mystifying. Pete’s stage name is Mister Ree (as in Mystery) which reflects on the name of Pete’s business MYSTERY MAGIC.

Pete’s runs a very successful business in the Magic Entertainment Industry and his objective is to make sure his clients are 100% happy with his services and to do you proud. Take a peep of Pete’s video Review from few of his clients. (May take a second or two to load up)

GREAT NEWS….Pete’s rates are affordable. You will get top drawer magic entertainment making the affordable rates great value. Balloon modelling is complementary if your event has any young ones at your special occasion.

Close up Magician Pete Turner covers the North West including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Cheshire, Lancashire and North West regions.

If you are looking for hire a magician then Pete Turner is a professional close up table magician covering the North West including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Cheshire, Lancashire and North West regions.

Hiring magician Pete Turner

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Magician for Hire


MYSTERY MAGIC supplies all services to suit your occasion or event. Whether you’re looking for a mix and mingle magician to entertain your guests at your wedding or  you’re celebrating a Birthday with a zero at the end, or having a Business Corporate Event, Pete will accommodate any occasion, big or small.

MYSTERY MAGIC also supplies Magic Cabaret, an After Dinner Speaker service and if struggling to buys a little present for someone who loves magic, Pete has is very own Illusion Books in a Box Set Format for only £10.

Corporate Magician Pete Turner
Wedding Magician Pete Turner
Event Magician Pete Turner

Pete the magician is better known as the Engineer of the impossible, defining logic, science and mathematics in a logical world. The magic he does will beat the sceptics and the non-believers which is adapted to suit your event. Magic is varied to close up illusions, classic card magic, mentalism and fun magical capers along with some natural humour of course :)

Hire Pete as your Magician today.

We love to hear how the magic made you feel !

Have a listen to the feedback for Cheshire magician Pete Turner who travels up and down the UK entertaining guests.

“Pete’s skills & professionalism really shone at our Wedding. He shows humour and charm in his delivery, making his magic more entertaining.”
“Pete, you were awesome. You went above and beyond for us at our Wedding and all our guests were blown away.”
CHRIS HALL, (ITV Granada Reports Sports Presenter)
“Pete did my daughter’s milestone birthday event proud; all my guests enjoyed his amazing magic.”
SHERRIE HEWSON, TV Personality/Loose Women
“Pete Turner was great at our wedding. He took the pressure and the worry from us by looking after our guests with his amazing magic.”
LIZ & JOHN NEWTON, Macclesfield

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do magicians perform their tricks?
A: Magicians utilize a variety of methods to perform their tricks, including sleight of hand, the use of props and gadgets, psychological manipulation, and elaborate stage setups. Many tricks rely on the principles of misdirection, where the magician directs the audience’s attention away from the secret actions or mechanisms that make the trick possible.

Q: Are all magicians the same?
A: No, there are many different types of magicians, each specializing in their own style of magic. Some magicians focus on close-up magic, performing tricks in intimate settings such as restaurants or parties. Others specialize in stage magic, performing elaborate illusions on large stages. Additionally, there are mentalists who claim to have psychic abilities and use psychological techniques to create the illusion of mind reading or mind control.

Q: How do magicians learn their craft?
A: Magicians often spend years practicing and perfecting their craft. Many learn from experienced mentors or through formal training programs offered by magic schools or organizations. Additionally, there are countless books, videos, and online resources available to aspiring magicians to help them learn new tricks and techniques.

Q: Can anyone become a magician?
A: While anyone can learn a few magic tricks, becoming a skilled magician requires dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of the principles of magic. Successful magicians possess not only technical skill but also charisma, showmanship, and the ability to connect with their audience.

Q: Are magicians secretive about their tricks?
A: Yes, many magicians are protective of their secrets and prefer to keep the inner workings of their tricks hidden from the public. This secrecy is part of what adds to the mystique and allure of magic. However, there are also magicians who are more open about their methods and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.

Q: Are magic shows suitable for all ages?
A: Yes, magic shows can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. While some magic acts may be more geared towards adults with sophisticated themes or humor, there are also plenty of family-friendly magic shows that are suitable for children and adults alike.

Q: How can I hire a magician for an event?
A: Hiring a magician for an event is easy! You can search online for local magicians in your area or ask for recommendations from friends, family, or event planners. Once you’ve found a magician you’re interested in, reach out to them to discuss availability, pricing, and the specific needs of your event.

Q: When should you secure your Magician?

A: Once you’ve set a date for your wedding, party, or corporate event, it’s wise to book your Magician as soon as possible. Since most events occur on Saturdays, Magicians often have their schedules filled well in advance. Whether you have a specific Magician in mind or are open to options, early booking ensures availability and avoids disappointment.

Q: How to locate Magicians nearby:

A: Finding a local Magician is straightforward. You can utilise search engines like Google or ask friends and family for recommendations. Often, personal referrals yield excellent results and provide insights into the Magician’s performance style and professionalism.

Q: Why opt for a professional Magician?

A: Choosing a Magician parallels selecting any other professional service. For a small house party with 20 guests, a talented local Magician may suffice at a reasonable cost. However, for a grand wedding with 150 attendees, a seasoned Magician capable of delivering a polished performance to entertain all guests is essential. Professional Magicians with ample experience command higher fees, reflecting their expertise and ability to engage larger audiences effectively.

Consider this analogy: When seeking someone to repaint your car post-repair, would you entrust the task to your son, who’s handy with a paintbrush, or hire a seasoned professional with a proven track record? Similarly, while some Close-up Magicians excel purely for the love of the craft, they may lack the finesse needed for larger-scale events. Ultimately, your choice depends on the scale of your event and the level of performance you desire.