About Me

Now, I’m going to read your mind and tell you what you’re thinking. “I’m looking into having an amazing magician for my special occasion to entertain my guests. I want someone who will do me proud, no fuss and charge me a good rate” Are you thinking on those lines? If so read on…there’s more!

My name is Pete Turner, although I’m better known as Mister Ree (as in mystery) in the magic world. Ok hands up, admittedly, I’m not as famous unlike the Dynamo’s and the David Blaine’s of this world, and to be honest fame & fortune is not my goal. I’ve hit the peak of my art that has given me a successful business for the last 24 years.

Pete Turner – never heard of you!

Who are you?

My work has lead me to literally thousands of top & VIP events, not just all over the UK, but on Cruises and overseas. I’m quite happy to maintain this level as it gives me a normal life outside magic. I may not have the fame or fortune unlike the televisions magicians, but I can certainly knock out some amazing street magic up at your event, just like these magicians perform on TV.

What you have to realise that if you hire the likes of Dynamo at your event, he can only do 15% of the magic you see on TV, the other 85% are adapted for TV audiences. It is important for me and other magicians out there to do that 15% you see on TV at your event.

My business is called Mystery Magic which has been running for almost 24 years. Within my business, I provide many services to suit all occasions such as; Close up Magic for adults, Stand up Magic Show, Older Children Magic, Lectures & Talks, Workshops & Optical Illusions Books.

All 6 services keep my calendar pretty busy throughout each year, which has made me a full time Professional Magician. I’ve done literally thousands of events, so I know how to knock out the right material and the right time. Also it has given me priceless experience and has the confidence to deliver.

A breakdown of myself

What can you do?

I’m not a master of one, but Jack of all kinds of magic. The material I do define logic, but engineered to be used as classic magic entertainment. For example, can you imagine feeling a penny bending in your hand or a deck of cards actually disappearing on the palm of your hand? It’s all ‘hands on’ so your guests can actually experience the magic. The material I perform is tailored made to suit your occasion.

My magic is performed at a very high standard to baffle your guests and to beat the sceptics. I always perform my magic with my sleeves up to prove I’ve nothing to hide. I’m a charismatic person with a sharp sense of humour. My objective is to entertain your guests, do you proud and for you to be 100% with my services!

The $1m Question…

Are you cheap?

I’m definitely not a cheap and cheerful magician… but the good news is, I’m not expensive either, I would say I’m reasonable. How reasonable? In one word ‘affordable’. Knowing the entertainment industry for many years, it is important to get the pricing absolutely spot on. My rates are structured to how far I travel to your event so it is affordable for my clients to book me. All I need is your date to check my availability and the area of your occasion, and I will give you a rate that will be manageable to your budget.

There is a minefield of different rates from other magicians that may fry your mind. Yes there are cheap magicians, but if you go down that route, be careful, you get what you pay for and believe me, knowing the industry, there are a lot of cheap and cheerful magicians who claim to be a magician because they know a few good card tricks or two. There again you get magicians who will quote you an arm and a leg, offer you the world, then fail to deliver what is expected.

I’m honest, fair, you will get quality magic at your event and I will give you an affordable rate. I don’t fuss about deposits (unless I travel far a field), it’s painless, simple and it will be a tick off your bucket list… All I can say is give me a ping on pturner.magic@ntlworld.com or call me on 07906 326 377 and I will reply with an honest and a competitive rate.

At a Glance

I’ve worked for top branded companies such as BMW, British Gas, S.E.A.T, John Lewis, and Liverpool Echo to name just a few.

I’ve also worked at sporting events such as London Olympics, Liverpool FC, Blackburn Rovers, Preston North End, Manchester Utd, Bolton Wanderers, and Chester & Utoxeter Race Events.

I’ve done a bit of international work too in Canada, Bahrain, Spain and Greece….and finally I’ve been blessed to work on over 18 cruises across the world.

need I say more?

If you are interested in acquiring my services please use the quick booking form provided to ensure you don’t miss out on hiring me. I will use the details provided in the booking form to get back to you with a quote outlining the prices for the services involved – to avoid any missed fees please be as accurate as possible when detailing your required services.

Alternatively if you are just looking for a general enquiry please visit the contact me page or use the details provided below to give me a call or drop me a message.