Magician for all occasions


OCCASIONS - Magician for Birthday
OCCASIONS - Magician for Christening

Magician for all occasions

Add the WOW factor to any special occassion such as a birthday, hen or stag party. Adding a bit of fun and laughter to the event, keeping your guests entertained and happy.

Let Pete Turner the close up magician mingle with your guests walking around performing amazing magic or enjoy table magic for the whole group.

Perfect for a small intimate party with family and friends, in a pub or restaurant, or even at a unique venue like the races or a nightclub. A great addition making the party fun and memorable for everyone!

  • Magician for hire at your special birthday occasions when you hit a zero in your age.
  • Magician for hire at your monumental wedding anniversaries with a stone in it, ie Silver, Gold or even diamond.
  • Magician for hire at a Event
  • Magician for hire at a Charity Events
  • Magician for hire at Street Festivals or Carnivals
  • Magician for hire at Sporting Charter Events (Golf, Rugby Bowling Etc)
  • Magician for hire at Club events such as Rotary, Round Table, Masons Events.
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Magician for Hire


Its your event and we know your going to have a fantastic time but why not go that one step further and hire a magician who can blend in the background and entertain your guests with close up table magic.

Magician Hire for Birthdays


When you come to that special milestone birthday to celebrate that ‘ZERO’ in your age, that is when you go that extra mile to celebrate the occasion and hire a professional magician who can entertain both you and your guests..

Having a close up magician mingling at your special birthday party is a nice touch for your guests to remember the occasion. Whether it is your 18th, 21st 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th 90th or even your 100th, Pete has priceless experience to create the right tempo of the nature of your party to make the occasion a massive success. He will work with you to make your Birthday Party even more special.

Magician Hire for BAR MITZVAH Magician


Having a magician to “mix and mingle” at your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a nice touch to celebrate the occasion. Pete the magician enjoys performing at different cultural events; He finds them fascinating and the guests always know how to have a good time. Pete has done enough Bar/Bar Mitzvah’s to accommodate such events so if you are looking for a magician for hire, then contact Pete.

He’s got some great magic material which is ideal for that Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and for the adults. Included in the package, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child shall receive one of Pete’s “Optical Illusions” sets, worth £10.

Magician Hire for Christenings


A big day for your little baby and for you as the parents celebrating your child’s Christening so why not offer that extra special magic with hiring a magician. Pete can provide family entertainment to all your guest and a relaxed atmosphere with a day of magic tricks and optical illusions. With this in mind, Pete tends to be a low key magician making sure your child who has just been christened is the focal point of your occasion.

Alongside top quality family magic, Pete also offers model balloon service for the little ones and gives out little booklets full of optical illusions for the older children to keep them occupied. The service he provides is the perfect formula for Christenings which has been proofed to be a massive hit.

Magician Hire for Anniversaries


First of all, if you’re looking upon this section of the website that means you’re going to either celebrate your Silver, Gold or Diamond Wedding Anniversary…. CONGRATULATIONS.

Whatever the occasion, your family has grown and you’ve built up a strong base of solid friends so the perfect celebration is a great way to get your family and friends together.

Whether you’re celebrating in a restaurant, a hired room or in your home, I’ve got the appropriate packages and magic material to suit your special occasion.

Magician Hire for Cabarets


This cabaret show is performed in a professional manner where you will experience magic from a different perspective. Each piece of magic is performed as a light hearted production that is engineered for your guests to enjoy. There is an element of humour, a few minds games where all the audience can involve with the magic.

Yes, there will be ‘audience participation’ in this amazing magic production, this will give the show that extra entertainment by looking at the reactions from volunteers, especially if have some characters in your group.

The show is called ‘The World of the Impossible’ this show is ideal for Social Clubs, Private Events, Care Homes and even in your own home. This show can be adapted for an audience for around 120 or as small as an After Dinner Entertainment in your own home.

This show is not suitable for a big audience over 150, outdoor events, shopping precinct stage entertainment and young children (9 under)

Guest Speaker for Events


Pete has been on the Guest speaker circuit for over 18 years. His guest speaker career has been kind to him where he has been invited on Cruise Liners to present his lectures to the passengers all over the world.

Pete has lectured over 2000 events. It sounds a lot, but he’s more or less doing 4 to 5 lectures a week to all kinds of groups such as WI’s Probus, U3A groups, Rotary Clubs, Church Groups, Women’s Guilds, 41 Clubs, Round Table Clubs. Whatever your club, he can accommodate.

Pete turner has six lectures, although the six lectures as a magical theme to it, each lecture is completely different. For more details click on the link which will put you on his dedicated Guest Speaker website. The details of all his lecture are on there.

Optical illusions Books


People often ask Pete if he has magic books to sell. He does have an Box Set of the very best Optical illusions. If you enjoy being mystified, fooled and challenged with images that will play tricks with your eyes and play games with your mind, this amazing “Gift Set” will take you down that mystical journey.

“Mystify your Mind” is the title of an amazing collection of the very best optical illusions that consists of five editions. All five books come with a folder binder that keeps all the five editions together, making it an ideal gift.

Each booked is themed. Edition One – is about the science of Perception. Edition Two – is very quirky book with quirky illusions. Edition Three – is on the Art of Magical Illusions. Edition Four – is all about Halloween illusions and Edition Five – is all about Mind Games. All five books is £10 include binder to keep your books together.



With Pete Turner – the people’s magician, close up magic will be tailored to suit your exact preferences at gatherings both big and small, formal or informal. What ever you decide to do during your celebrations, hiring a magician is the perfect addition to celebrations and festivities. It will help the occasion to run smoothly and “Fusion” will work to make sure that each and every person finds it to be a hugely enjoyable evening.

Pete Turner has worked at hundreds of birthdays, special occasions and events and is an expert at making the more nervous host feel relaxed by providing close up table magic and tricks to your loving friends and family. As a magician, he will be mingling with your guests while their chatting and enjoying their drinks, ensuring that there is no-one left out for the entertainment.

Close up birthday magicians are perfect for large gatherings especially because they act as an ice breaker for groups of people that don’t know each other – enabling them to bond over the jaw dropping magic that they’ve just witnessed – the kind of spectacular magic that you see on TV.