Healthy ways to stimulate your mind

This unique edition of Mystify Your Mind is full of clever experiments, demonstrations and illusions that play clever mind games. In this edition, you will experience simple images that appear normal at first glance, but trip your mind to see that the image is not normal at all. Also, you will have a chance to try out an “Optical Illusion Maze”. The objective is to climb to the top without going up! CRAZY! This task will challenge your mind to twist away from of logic to achieve the task. There is also over 20 little brain teasers to challenge your mind to avert from thinking logically.

It is important for our mind to be stimulated, just as much as our body needs to have exercises. This edition will give you those vital mind exercises just to keep it active and stimulated, in a fun and clever way.

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Whats Inside

Whats Inside?

Take a sneak preview behind the curtains at some of the optical illusions that can be found in this collection.