SO WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT THEN? The book is exactly about what it says on the tin, “Never Judge a Book by its Cover”.

But before I start plugging this book to entice you to buy it, there are a few things you need to know. This book has never been published, nor is it available from any High Street bookshops. This book is even written by an unknown who has never written a book before. Also, just like life and people, this book is not perfect; there are few mistakes that got through the net. Now you know, are you now judging this book, before you’ve read the content?

This inspiring book puts life in perspective regarding how we judge things from the outside, but fails to see the main hub of life on the inside.

Are you guilty of living your life thinking the big, more and the attractive is the answer to a better life. It’s not what we have or how we look, its how we feel. You can feel empty having everything, but be fulfilled with little.

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Whats Inside

Whats Inside?

Take a sneak preview behind the curtains at some of the optical illusions that can be found in this collection.