The book with two halves, two front covers, two beginnings and no back page.

Have you ever looked at something and then taken a second look because you are not quite sure of what you have seen? This unique edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is full of images that need that second look.

This edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is a little quirky compared to the other editions. This book has two front covers, two beginnings, no last page or back cover. Also, to add flavour to this book, the images on the two middle pages can be looked at from two different perspectives, depending on which side of the book you’re looking at them from.

Also in this quirky edition, you will see how camouflage on animals, not only can fool it’s predator, but also fool you. There are quite a few animal illusions in this edition.

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Whats Inside

Whats Inside?

Take a sneak preview behind the curtains at some of the optical illusions that can be found in this collection.