The Art of Optical Illusions will paint more than a thousand words.

Pictures may paint a thousand words…but do they always tell the truth? Human perception is primarily visual perception. No other sensory organ processes more information for us than our eyes. Our eyes enable us to see what surrounds us. However the images we perceive in this book will take you deeper than what the image first portrays. This edition of MYSTIFY YOUR MIND is an amazing gallery on the beautiful Art of Optical Illusions. You will experience amazing images which paint more than a thousand words.

Tricks of the eyes are legend and they occur in various forms. Their common root lies in our perception. Even when we are aware that our eyes are playing tricks on us, it can be almost impossible to correct the wrong perception.

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Whats Inside

Whats Inside?

Take a sneak preview behind the curtains at some of the optical illusions that can be found in this collection.