The book that will play tricks with your eyes and games with your mind

Are you a firm believer in the irrefutable laws of physics, where everything has to have a reason or has to add up? How about coming out of your logical world for a moment and looking upon a different kind of science, “The Science of Perception”. This kind of science is fascinating; it opens a new dimension as to how we see something that is not adding up in our logical mind. This first edition of a series of five books will give you a little taste into “The Science of Perception”.

In this amazing edition, images will change in front of your eyes. It will also give you ideas how to create your own optical illusions, by using the science of perception and it demonstrates how to balance a coin on the edge of a bank note.

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Whats Inside

Whats Inside?

Take a sneak preview behind the curtains at some of the optical illusions that can be found in this collection.