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Pete Turner Magician
Pete Turner Magician

Wedding Magician Specialist

Petes’ role as a Wedding Magician is to look after your guests by entertaining them with classic street close up magic…and it works.

However, Pete does more than just perform magic, he discreetly uses magic as a tool to break the ice, and create a relaxing atmosphere. If he sees couples or people on their own, he will get them involved with other guests so they can feel part of the wedding. As he is interacting with guest, he is actually knitting the wedding together on another level. He is trying to get the tempo at the right level without going over the top and building the atmosphere of a fantastic event.

The key factor as a Wedding Magician is timing, knowing when to strike at the right time without treading on anyone’s toes. Pete Turner never charges in like a bull in a China Shop, he weans into the crowd to make them feel relax allow to be invited in there space.

His way to approach weddings is a big hit, it works and he knows he can do you proud on special your day. Pete has priceless experience to deal with banter and generate fun and laughter. At the same time, he keeps the magic to a level so it not taking over the day. It is your day, not his, so he likes to be a low key magician, not in your face and strike where it is needed.

So if you are thinking of hiring a Wedding Magician, as a first step, please get in touch with Pete. Depending on the nature of your wedding, you can have a magician performing during the Afternoon Reception or at the Evening Reception.

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Wedding Magician for Hire


Its your wedding and we know your going to have a fantastic wedding day but why not go that one step further and hire a wedding magician who can blend in the background and entertain your guests with close up table magic.


The best time for the magician to strike is during Pre Reception. It is that period of the day where guests find their feet, relax, catch up, take photos, and basically hanging around until they’re called in for Reception. This is the perfect timing for me as a magician to mix and mingle, break the ice, create a buzz and generate conversation.


If your wedding is table served, especially if it’s a pretty large wedding, having a table magician to entertain your guests between courses is a great way to shorten that wait for the next course to serve. You don’t want your wedding breakfast to feel like a bank, so having a table magician during reception does lift that heaviness away.


Magician at your Evening Reception is used at the beginning of the night to break the ice and pump up the volume. It does take time for an Evening Reception to build up that is when you want the magician to strike. Table magic at the beginning of your wedding reception is a nice touch to start the evening before the DJ parties the night away. It is a nice balance and a good transition to work with the DJ so your night is a memorable and successful occasion.